"Over the years I have used so many different skin care products been a beauty therapist and working in a pharmacy for a while, So I was interested in giving Your Rayna oil a try. I loved the way it made my skin feel so soft and smooth to the touch. My skin looks more hydrated, and I was very pleased around my period time when I normally get the odd hormonal spot that my skin stayed clear. Loving this product."  -  RochelleBeauty Therapist 


"I loved trying Rayna Skincare's facial oil. My skin felt very nourished, vibrant and less dry. Most importantly I knew what I am putting on my skin is natural and chemical free and that to me is very important. I have recommended the product to all my friends and would continue to use it with pleasure."  -  Ban, Pharmacist and Business Manager


"I have been using Rayna Oil for over a month, and I am absolutely LOVING this product. I am 23 years old and have always had super sensitive skin. I am extremely picky with the products I use and have usually steered clear of face oils as they tend to make me break out. However, this facial oil has done the complete opposite for me. I put it on before I go to bed and I wake up in the morning with glowing, dewy skin. I can tell my skin is loving it! I cannot recommend this product enough."  -  GabbyDirector


"I started using Rayna Oil two months ago as I had such dry skin and a dry layer that I couldn’t get rid of. I put it down to travelling, change of season and of course turning 40.  I went for three facials in three weeks and still found the dry skin kept on coming back. I heard about Rayna and started using the facial oil at night, and I have found that my skin is so much better.  It is radiant and feels fuller and just has a great hydrated feel to it. I love using Rayna and am so thankful I found it."  -  Kiri, General Manager  


"I heard about this product from a friend, and to be honest, I was a little hesitant to put oil on my face as I have oily/combination skin. But I am honestly so impressed – you don’t need to use much at all, and it is so lightweight, my skin just eats it up and feels great even as little as a few minutes after. I’ve only been using Rayna for two weeks now, but am really excited to see the results!"  –  Nicola, Marketing Manager


"I absolutely love it!!  I love how light it is and how it sinks into the skin so easily - I've never used anything like that before! Also pretty much my whole life I have had quite raised/rough/sensitive skin on the side of my face - nothing ever seems to make a difference to it, but just from using the oil for a week, that skin is a lot smoother, like the best it's ever been - it's crazy!  Thank you so much for the chance to try it. I don't want to be without it now!"  -  Jenna, Beauty Industry


"Thanks again - I'M LOVING IT! I started using the Rayna Oil about a month ago and have loved the ritual every day - as a first-time facial oil user I was unsure whether it would suit my skin type, but this oil beautifully absorbs and has a silky texture that is stunning, I know that it's improved my complexion which makes me feel great. I highly recommend this to everyone - especially those who want a product that endorses our kiwi innovation."  -  Maryanne, Chief Marketing Officer


"A few weeks ago Natasha introduced me to Rayna facial oil. Being in the beauty industry myself for around 20 years now, I have tried everything on the market and around the world, and a new, exciting world of beauty started with Rayna oil for me.  After the first night of using it, I could see a beautiful change in my skin. I use to get the odd acne spot, and after one week of use all that has disappeared, the fine lines around my eyes are gone, and I get compliments daily on how "glowing" and healthy my face looks. 
It is MAGIC, and I recommend it to everyone I know."  -  Corline, Senior Team Leader/Manager


"I have used my Rayna facial oil every night. My skin has never been better. I am going through menopause and before using Rayna, I found my skin was looking dry and blotchy. Rayna has revived the elasticity and nourished my skin so that it now looks youthful. This is a lifetime product. I highly recommend it."  -  Tanya


"No more dry winter skin! I always find my skin changes through winter; it becomes dehydrated and dull. This year I started using Rayna Oil just before winter, and my complexion never got that dull look to it. The retinol doesn’t aggravate my skin at all which makes it a great product to use most nights. Love it, hydration in a bottle!"  -  Amanda


"Thank you so much for producing this miracle serum! I’ve been using the Rayna Oil at night now for over a month, and my skin has never felt so nourished. I noticed immediately that my skin felt softer and looked brighter. I’ve only needed to use about six drops at night to cover my entire face and neck. I love how lightweight it is and how it absorbs instantly into my skin. I wake up in the morning, and my skin is so hydrated.  It feels really great to put something on my face and neck at night that I know is loaded with ingredients that will repair and improve the look and feel of my skin."  -  KellyBusiness Owner


"Hi my name is Breanna Purdom, and I am a physiotherapist business owner and Mom of 3. I am very fussy with what I put on my face as I don’t like a heavy feeling product. I love this facial oil because it is light, easy to use, all natural and a New Zealand made product."  -  BrePhysiotherapist


"As an older woman (63), finding the right products that work for my skin can be so difficult but using the Rayna oil is just divine! Ever since I have started using Rayna, I have never had so many compliments on my glowing skin! Definitely a returning customer.” - SandyBusiness Owner


"I love this product. I have been using Rayna facial oil for two months now, and even though it’s an oil, it doesn’t make my face feel oily. It really absorbs into my skin, making it feel soft and giving it a more youthful appearance, as a woman in my 40s I am loving that, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to everyone I know."  -  MaiSenior Designer


"I have had the absolute pleasure of using Rayna Skincare oil on my face for the past three weeks and have seen a huge improvement of even skin tone,  reduced fine lines and also a overall glow to my face and neck. I look forward to putting my oil on every night now. As a single mum of three, this is something that I’m am now committed to using as a luxury to myself. Amazing x  -  Carly


"It's important to me that I use a skincare that I can trust – the Rayna oil ticks every box for me; I love, love, love this product! So easy to apply and its sinks so well into my skin, it isn’t heavy or greasy like so many other oils I’ve tried before. I can already notice my skin looking so much clearer; it really has made me feel so much more confident and comfortable wearing minimal makeup. I will be telling my friends and family about this product."  -  Kirbyage 29


"Thank you so much, Natasha, for introducing me this fabulous product. My skin has never looked better! I like to mix it in with my night cream, and in a short time, I have noticed an improvement in my skin. I highly recommend Rayna Skincare to all other women."  -  Tamara, Mother.


"Wow, I am dedicated to using only truly natural skincare and the ingredient list of this facial oil is simply amazing. It's packed with skin rejuvenating goodness, with so many superfood oils and all the goodies like retinol, Vitamin A, Vitamin E and so many more. Super silky to apply."  -  HuiaMarketing Consultant


"I have been using Rayna skincare oil for a few months now, and I absolutely love the product! I could see and feel the difference in my skin after just one week. Highly recommend!" - Hillary, Hairdresser  

"I have this strong need to let you both know how much I love your product. You ladies obviously know what women need! I find my skin looks and feels much better, and the pigmentation above my upper lip has reduced significantly another month, and I'd say it will have disappeared - unbelievable, I have been covering it up for 20 plus years. One more thing I'd like to share, my mother is very cautious about the skin care she uses, only the best for her skin, so we shared the first two bottles (we live in the same house). I was onto my second bottle and found that it was going down a lot quicker than the first.  When I asked her how was she finding the Rayna Oil, she said: "Oh Donna I love it, I'm now using it on my arms!!".  Again, thank you xx" - Donna, Director 


"I was introduced to Rayna Skincare 4 months ago and want to share with you that it has made a big difference for me. I have a Hormonal skin condition on my face and have in the past needed to use a harsh topical skin medication and what I have noticed is my skin condition rarely flares up and not as severe, and I never need to use that medicated cream anymore. Since having three beautiful boys, leading a busy lifestyle, I can somewhat neglect the time I spend on my skin. I am very careful about sun exposure, stress and have worked on my diet noticing that Rayna oil is really effective at soothing and calming my skin. It's a change switching to an oil based product, and I see it does NOT cause oily skin or blocked pores as some people may worry about. I never have dry skin. I am really pleased with your product and hope that others with my skin condition will try it." -

Laura, Manager


"Having suffered years of sun damaged, dry patchy skin from early life living in N.Z in and on the ocean, at the beach, I've found using the Rayna Oil every evening before bed is keeping my skin now amazingly clear for which I am very grateful for."- Joan, Retired


"I have used Rayna for a short time, and already I have noticed a real difference. My skin is softer and younger feeling since I started using the product and everyone wants to have that radiance when it comes to their skin. The Rayna Oil feels so amazing on my skin; I always look forward to using it as part of my routine. Its the pillar of any skincare regime and I would highly recommend it to any female wanting to look and feel their best."- Sharon, Interior Designer