Who was Rayna

Rayna is a Bulgarian revolutionary and an inspirational figure. She's famous for having sewn the flag and leading the Bulgarian uprising against the Ottoman Empire in 1876.

After making the infamous flag that said, "Death or Freedom", she tried to galvanise the people into action against their oppressors. In her memoirs she says. "I took the flag into my own hands, put on a sword, grabbed a revolver, mounted a fine horse and rode through the town proclaiming that the five hundred years long Turkish yoke was lifted forever.  That was the grandest day of our short-lived freedom."

Rayna was a highly educated woman and a headmaster at a school.

After the uprising was crushed, she was beaten, thrown into prison and starved.

After the end of the war, she helped look after orphaned by the war children by providing funds and helping in any way she could.

The name Rayna has become synonymous with the power of women and their ability to facilitate change, empower and galvanise.


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